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Celebrate Nyepi at our private villa in Kuta

Nyepi is known as the day of silence. It is the start of the Lunar New Year and is celebrated from midnight for the following 24 hours.

Nyepi is in March. On this day no planes land at the airport or fly over the island. Officially no work should be done, lights and electrical instruments should not be switched on and everyone must remain in the boundaries of their home.

It is a kind of cleansing process, an opportunity to look inside and be still in preparation for the year ahead.

If you happen to be at our luxury private villa on Nyepi you will be offered complimentary lunch and dinner and our staff will assist in making your day relaxing and enjoyable.

Prior to Nyepi local village communities all over Bali construct hugh skeletal structures of wood depicting animals, humans and figures from Hindu and Balinese mythology. These structures then have paper mache skin applied along with wigs, garments etc to make them pleasing to the gods.

The day prior to Nyepi these figures are paraded up and down the streets.

This day is known as Pengurupukan.